Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar

Pullup & Dip

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Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar

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Product advantages at a glance

No untwisting and slipping during training due to thread lock against rotation

Without drilling, screwing and door frame damage

Quick and safe assembly in seconds

Incl. grip pads for wider grip at the ends

Ready to ship, in 2-3 business days with you.

Telescopic door pull-up bar without screws and slipping.

Probably the best and safest door rack pull-up bar on the market! Our telescopic door pull-up bar can be installed and removed from the door frame in seconds, turning your home into a gym in a fraction of the time.

Train numerous exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, knee lifts, toes to bar or with low mounting height exercises like dips, push-ups and rowing and design your workout 100% flexible independent from the crowded gym.

And best of all, do it without fear of slipping off with the door bar pull-up bar. The innovative snap-in and anti-rotation design with thread lock prevents a turning out as with conventional telescopic bars and the triple slip protection guarantees a bombproof hold in the door! Plus, it won't get damaged, so you can get your workout in with complete peace of mind.

Integrate your workout into your stressful daily routine and save yourself the time of traveling to the gym by working out from the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect way to keep fit, build muscle and strength, strengthen your back muscles and also save on space-consuming and expensive fitness equipment. The pull-up bar is the perfect alternative if you are looking for a high-quality pull-up bar that you don't want to or can't mount on the wall or ceiling.

Product advantages of the door bar pull-up bar

Absolutely safe and no damage: The revolutionary 3-element mount with smart thread lock for ultimate stability brings safety to any type of workout - without slipping or damaging from the door frame!

Optimal support: Our first-class door rack pull-up bar is infinitely adjustable, fits into any door frame with a width of 69 to 90 cm and supports up to 200 kg weight! Like all our products, the high-quality pull-up bar also impresses with exceptional quality, superior stability and durability - for long-lasting training fun.

Versatile Workout: With our Türreck pull-up bar, you'll experience versatile fitness workouts that go beyond pull-up exercises. Whether it's pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, leg lifts or stretching exercises - make your workout more varied than ever with our included pull-up training guide and maximize your training success!

Wider grip thanks to grip pads: Our state-of-the-art pull-up bar not only impresses with its stability and optimal force distribution, but also with its innovative wide grip. Through the included customizable grip pads, you can use the full grip area. Simply cut to the desired length and put on the pull-up bar.

Ideal home gym replacement: no fitness equipment makes your workout as flexible as this pull-up bar. With the extra fast locking mechanism, you can attach your gym to any suitable door or wall and don't need any extra space. And thanks to the compact design, you can take or store the pull-up bar anywhere in no time.

✅ Free eBook: After your order, we will also send you our popular eBook "23 Tips for More Pull-Ups" as a PDF. With this you will learn your first pull-up, learn to do more pull-ups and become a guaranteed pull-up pro.


Product details of the telescopic door pull-up bar

Application range door frame:

Width zw. 69-90 cm


We recommend to measure the door frame width in advance necessarily, so that the pull-up bar also fits into your door!

Weight of the bar 1,8 kg
Max. Load 200 kg


Handles made of HDR (High Damping Rubber)

Dimensions: ø HDR handles center bar 35 mm
Scope of delivery

Telescopic pull-up bar

2 x additional grip pads (12,5cm long, can be shortened)

eBook with 23 tips for more pull-ups


2 years, see warranty conditions

Schneller & sicherer Versand Kostenloser Rückversand (DE) Bis zu 5 Jahren Garantie
Schneller & sicherer Versand Kostenloser Rückversand (DE) Bis zu 5 Jahren Garantie

Pull-up bar in action