Bundle CLEVO M + Hangboard
climbing ceiling module
climbing ceiling module
climbing ceiling module
climbing ceiling module
climbing ceiling module
Bundle CLEVO M + Hangboard
Bundle CLEVO M + Hangboard
Bundle CLEVO M + Hangboard
Bundle CLEVO M + Hangboard
Bundle CLEVO M + Hangboard


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Bundle CLEVO M + Hangboard

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Product benefits at a glance

Climbing training at home for more finger strength incl. hangboard and pull-up bar.

Extremely stable for high safety and load without wobbling.

Premium quality for lifelong training and a 5-year guarantee.

Space-saving, versatile and individually configurable.

Ready to ship, in 2-3 business days with you.

Bundle Clevo M + Hangboard: Save % in a set!

Consisting of:

Clevo M climbing ceiling module

Clevo Hangboard

Ceiling climbing module incl. hangboard and pull-up bar. Attachment for campus bars, climbing holds etc.

The all-rounder for normal ceiling heights! Ceiling climbing module incl. hangboard. Attachment for up to five climbing holds, mini campus board, campus bars etc.

Product Advantages of Clevo M in detail:

Multifunctional for hangboard etc.: The Clevo climbing module for the ceiling is extremely versatile and, thanks to its innovative design, serves you as an attachment for hangboard, training board, fingerboard, campus bars, campus board, climbing holds and climbing accessories. Perfect for climbing training at home.

✅ Climbing training at home incl. pull-up bar: With the ceiling climbing module you achieve with little space a higher finger strength for your next climbing session. The pull-up bar allows you to do numerous exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups to strengthen your back for climbing training.

Extremely stable for high load and safety: the reinforced construction of steel, wood and high-strength screw connections ensures maximum stability and a safe workout without wobbling. Incl. assembly material (8 x dowels and screws).

Premium quality and warranty: For the ceiling mount for fingerboards, we only use high-quality material such as wood (beech) and steel (powder-coated) to ensure a long-lasting product. We offer you a 5-year warranty on the ceiling mount for the training board.

Space-saving and versatile: the hangboard suspension is extremely versatile for various climbing accessories and yet space-saving, so it does not take up much space in the home. Perfect for normal ceiling heights thanks to dimensions of 66 x 28 x 42 cm (L x W x H).

Product details Clevo M:

Length 66.0 cm

Height (ceiling to lower edge of pull-up bar)

44,2 cm
Width 28,7 cm
Diameter pull-up bar 4,0 cm

wood (beech)

Steel (powder coated)

Mounting material for ceiling mounting included (8x dowels and screws) incl. Drilling template
Recommended ceiling height 2,35 - 2,75 m
Load capacity 130 kg
Warranty 5 years, see warranty conditions
Holes and drive-in sockets for handles on longer wooden side

Holes: already pre-drilled

Bushings: M10 drive-in nuts included, only need to be inserted.


Module is delivered disassembled. Mounting screws included see below.

We recommend mounting only on concrete ceilings or solid wooden ceilings.

Product weight 15,3 kg

Product Benefits of Clevo Hangboard

FOR BEGINNERS AND PROFESSIONALS: Our Hangboard is perfect for beginners who want to improve their finger and grip strength, as well as for advanced climbers who want to work specifically on their weak points.

EXTRA LONG: With a length of 60cm, a width of 14.6cm and a depth of 5.2cm, the hangboard offers three rows of grips at different depths, making it significantly larger than conventional boulder training boards.

EASY ASSEMBLY INCLUDING SCREWS: Thanks to the included screws, assembling the hangboard is a breeze. Use our long screws to attach the support board along the marked centerline of the cleats.

MAXIMUM GRIP: Our climbing board provides the best climbing workout. It is recommended to perform 5-8 slopes for 7-10 seconds and then take a 3-4 minute break, which is equivalent to one set. The goal is to complete a total of 5-8 sets, challenging yourself at the end of each set or fail.

BEST WOOD: We use real beech wood for our hangboard to ensure maximum boulder training. Often cheap training board climbers are made of inferior material and are not suitable as bouldering accessories. Due to our extra polistur and precise grinding, your fingers will stay free from splinters.

Product Details Hangboard:

Material Beech wood
Dimensions 60 x 14,6 x 5,2 cm (L x H x D)
Mounting screws (included) For mounting on wooden panel of Clevo Door:
2x countersunk screw M4 x 60
3x countersunk screw M4 x 35
5x hexagon nuts
5x washers 4.3 x 12 x 1

For wall mounting:

5x Fischer DuoPower 8 x 65 wall plugs
2x wood screw TX25 5 x 100mm
3x wood screw TX25 5 x 80mm
Drilling template
Max. load capacity100 kg (220 lbs)

Download instruction manual

30 days money back! Not convinced yet? Then test our module now without obligation for 30 days. If for some reason you don't like it after all, you can send it back without any problems and we will refund you the full purchase price!

Fast and secure shipping 30 days hassle-free returns Up to 5 years warranty
Fast and secure shipping 30 days hassle-free returns Up to 5 years warranty

Clevo M in action


Climbing training on the ceiling

Become a climbing pro at home

Incl. pull-up bar for back training

Expandable according to your wishes

Fingerboard attachment for grip strength training

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Du kannst dort allerhand Kletterutensilien wie ein Hangboard, mehrere Klettergriffe, zwei Lapis Bälle, mehrere Campusleisten und weiteres wie Hangutensilien befestigen.